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You love books in which you can lost yourself for time? Stories that keep you busy when you've read them a long time ago? Maybe even cause you to look at your own life from a different perspective?

Then you are exactly right with me

I want to entertain and move you with my novels. Did I manage that with you? Write me. I am looking forward to a message from you.

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Kerstin als Tamara

Actually I am looking for a partner for the translation of my books. You still have to wait until you can read my books in English.

New books 2019 waiting for translation

June 2019

Tisiphones Daughter

A cat-and-mouse game between a contract killer and the psychologist who is supposed to catch her. Stupid only that this dangerous woman has an irresistible attraction for him.

As FBI agent Gilmore asks out of pure despair Professor Rees Stancell to assist him in the case of a serial killer, Rees is eager to help. Nothing is more exciting for him than to escape the theory and go for a true criminal hunt. Surprised, he realizes that the FBI Gilmore has canceled all resources for the investigation and they are completely on their own. Meanwhile, the case is a mystery to them, and it soon becomes clear to Rees that, psychologically speaking, they are dealing with an unusual killer.

Skylar loves her younger sister Gracie about everything. She wants her to lead a happy and contented life and is willing to sacrifice anything for it. Only slowly does she realize what the other side of the coin looks like, but it is already too late for her to change her path.

Morning Breeze Café

What happens when a social media star falls in love with a single-time baker who uses the Internet solely to find new recipe ideas for her café?
Bree's life revolves around her eleven-year-old daughter Shelly and then her two passions: baking and surfing. When the well-known podcaster Ethan Franklin asks her to teach him surfing, she spontaneously refuses. People who live on the Internet, rather than in the real world, are suspect.
It's been a long time since a woman woke Ethan more than a superficial interest - but Bree's down-home style fascinates him. He takes the challenge to prove to her that he has a lot to offer without his smartphone.
But only when Bree's world threatens to get out of hand because of Shelly's biological father after twelve years suddenly expressed interest in his daughter, Ethan is aware that he feels more for her than he wants to admit.
A modern contemporary novel that impresses with its finely drawn characters. Let yourself be carried off to the Morning Breeze Café in Sausalito, Marin County on the San Francisco Bay.

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Thriller bribe with inner conflicts instead of beastly murders by criminals

Die Bestseller Reihe Sondereinheit Themis

Lade dir jetzt die kostenlose Vorgeschichte herunter

Natasha hat sich für eine Spezialeinheit beworben. Das Auswahlverfahren ist hart und verlangt alles von ihr. Für Natasha, die ehrgeizige Sportlerin kein Problem, wäre da nicht dieser verfluchte Ausbilder, der ständig versucht sie zum Aufgeben zu bringen.

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